Blue and Pink Wedding, a day to remember.

Becky and Matt’s blue and pink wedding was certainly a day to remember, in fact I think it will rest etched in my memory as one of my top weddings.  I remember meeting the happy couple almost a year before their wedding.  They were over in France visiting their venue and we arranged to meet up to see if I was ‘their’ wedding photographer.  As soon as I sat down and got over the initial introductions I just fell in love with them both.  They were full of life, funny as anything and we just clicked instantly.  They were describing their plans for their day and it just sounded like a fairytale and I was totally hooked and remember being truly touched when they asked me to be their photographer.  It’s always a special feeling, that a couple loves your vision so much they choose you to immortalise their wedding day, I was honored and I had a blast.

Fast forward to a year later, a glorious September day, I arrived at their location a magnificent Chateau hidden in rural France and remember thinking to myself please let this day be as perfect as it should be.  The preparations were in full swing, the florist was decorating the gazebo on the lawns, the hotel staff were laying the tables and the air was filled with happiness and an ease, funny to describe but it was just calm and this set the tone for the whole day.  So far so good.

I knocked on the door of the bridal suite, which was the dress up location of Becky and her ‘girls’ I shouted Hiya and walked on in, the room was filled with music, perfume and champagne.  Becky looked radiant, dressed in a floral bathrobe and tiara, I remember the look of surprise when she saw me because I was carrying a little something extra with me that I didn’t have the last time we had met, a 7 month baby bump. She came up gave me a hug we congratulated each other and the day began.  I felt like one of the girls, it was like a giant slumber party, Robbie Williams, Beyoncé and maybe even the Spice Girls (but don’t hold me to that were blasting out of the speakers, the hairdresser was working her magic amongst hair pins, flowers and high, high heels.  Becky was calm, relaxed and just took everything in her stride.


I blended into the background as much as I could and concentrated on capturing the details, the rings, the amazing blue and pink flowers the beautiful blue bridesmaid dresses and the shoes…..OH boy the shoes! Becky’s shoes had me dying, gold, glittery, Jimmy Choo’s, I had no idea how she was going to walk in them, they were skyscrapers of loveliness.

2016-02-19_0015 2016-02-19_0020 2016-02-19_0018

Her dress was a lace version of heaven and just so perfect for her.


While Becky was finishing getting ready, I hot footed it down a flight of stairs to the boy’s getting ready room…..I can honestly say there was more giddiness and ‘girly’ excitement in that room than the one I had just left.  I think there must have been at least 5 or 6 men in that room and the place was a hive of activity and aftershave.  Matt greeted me with a hug as well and introduced me to his ‘men’ all in various stages of undress.  I was most impressed to see one of the best men in shirt tie, pink socks and boxers while ironing his trousers!  I thought it would be fun to do a parody of the men getting ready, so I set up similar shots of the shoes, Matt doing his hair and the like that we had done for the girls.  it was a scream and I honestly forgot that I wasn’t actually part of their immediate circle of friends.


The boys looked charming and we headed out to get their official portraits done, they were all amazing and gave me 100%, even carrying chairs for me out into the gardens.  2016-02-19_0026

By this time I had to get back to the Bride, the moment had arrived for her to make her way down the stairs and join her father, she looked breathtaking, as did her bridesmaids.

2016-02-19_0023 2016-02-19_0024

Now was the time to become Mr and Mrs and the ceremony was delightful, A truly romantic moment in an amazing location, full of emotion.

2016-02-19_0028 2016-02-19_0030 2016-02-19_0031 2016-02-19_0032

During the cocktails, the newly weds and I took a quiet moment to do their couples session.  I always try and get this done a quickly as possible so that the bride and groom can get back to enjoying their day and their guests.  We were walking down the lane and I remember having to say to Becky (who works for Nike) hey girl those are Choos on your feet not Nikes! She was walking that walk and owning those shoes, I could barely keep up.

2016-02-19_0035 2016-02-19_0036 2016-02-19_0037

Photographing the speeches for me was a challenge, Becky’s dad made me tear up, a truly adorable man who put me right at ease the moment we met, his stories of his daughter and her childhood and the memories he had of her and her now husband once again made me forget that I was not actually a guest.  Matt’s speech about his wife, how they had met at University, the stories he had to tell we genuinely funny, I think I had the chance of being let into some inside jokes as well.  And the best man, also named Matt, who was so nervous of giving his speech but you would never have guessed it, he handled it like a champ!  The cake was a traditional French wedding cake, not easy to cut, but delicious! The evening was followed by dancing and an amazing candy bar that I was allowed to take a goody bag home from. Becky and Matt, Thank You so much for letting me be part of your day, it was a wonderful experience and one I shall never forget. xx

2016-02-19_0038 2016-02-19_0040 2016-02-19_0042





A Wedding and a Baptism, all in a days work.

As much as I love big events I have to admit that sometimes the smaller, more intimate ones just fill me with so much joy.  I had the honor of capturing not one but two very special events for a wonderful family.  I was contacted by M with a request that was a first for me, would I be able to photograph their religious wedding ceremony which was being held at the same time as their youngest son’s baptism.

I chatted with them about what they wanted and it sounded right up my street (excuse the pun).  A small intimate gathering in a tiny french countryside church followed by a lunch in a wonderful French Chateau (one I already knew) The Chateau de la Cazine.  They were after a story telling set of images that retold their day and I am pleased to say we did just that.

The church was nestled in a small village deep in the heart of the Creuse countryside, a teeny tiny place that looked liked it should be in some sort of fairy story, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, a wonderful start to the day

2016-02-19_0005 2016-02-19_0006 2016-02-19_0007 2016-02-19_0008

The star (ok one of them), looking very dapper in his suit after having been baptised.


After a beautiful and personal ceremony the convoy of cars wound round the back roads and arrived at the Chateau where cocktails and canapés were waiting.  The Bride and Groom where whisked away for some couple photos and then the group shots were taken.  While the adults stood around chatting and catching up with each other the children had a ball running around the gardens and basically letting off steam.

2016-02-19_0010 2016-02-19_0011 2016-02-19_0014

Thankfully the boys were willing to let me get some shots and were actually more than happy to show off their smart clothes and big smiles, and then everyone settled down to an amazing meal.

2016-02-19_0012 2016-02-19_0013

Surprise 60th Birthday

We don’t turn 60 everyday, and we certainly do not have a surprise 60th birthday party thrown for us everyday, so imagine how Françoise felt when not only did she arrive at Les Orangeries (thinking she was just going out for a family lunch) to find all her closest friends there, but also little old me armed with my camera ready to capture all those special moments including a photo session with her grandchildren.




The children made me work for it, but boy they were cute and funny and we just had a great time running around in the hotels gardens.  Getting lost in the maze, climbing tree’s, being airplanes and basically doing what children do best enjoying life.



It was a great afternoon and I know that Françoise will treasure these memories for many years to come.


Luxury Chateau Rental in France : LE CHIRON

How can you not fall in love with this place? I mean look at it, nestled in the Limousin countryside between Poitiers and Limoges, this luxury chateau rental, Le Chiron is a perfect place to escape too. James asked me to come and take some new promotional shots of his ‘mini’ Limousin chateau and I jumped at the chance. With it’s lavender lined alley, deep blue skies and blazing sunshine anyone would think they were in Provence, when in fact the chateau is just an hours flight from Stansted Airport.


James is a hoot and a great host, he makes all his guests feel very welcome and works extremely hard at providing the best service he can. He made me feel totally relaxed while I was there and pretty much left me to capture the chateau at it’s best, which lets face it when you have a ‘subject’ like this to work with it’s very hard to not capture the best.

His attention to detail can not go un-noticed and I found myself happily wandering round the interior discovering artwork, pottery and soft furnishings from local artisans that just added to the charm and elegance of Le Chiron.



The bedrooms are large and light with huge windows that offer beautiful views over the gardens, each one is decorated with taste and oozes with charm. Comfort is also key here and there are plenty of places to sit, relax, read, watch T.V, and even as a winter destination with it’s large wood burning fire in the main lounge, cozy T.V lounge, and thick heavy drapped custom made curtains you could quite easily curl up on the squishy sofas with a good book and hot drink or glass of red wine and lose yourself completely.


For more information go visit and ‘Like’ Le Chiron’s Facebook page.


Site Overhaul

Finally getting round to up dating and customising the site, These posts are just test posts to see how everything is looking, some new, fresh REAL content will be on it’s way soon, once all the “boring” stuff has been figured out :)


Looking forward to sharing some great memories and details of various adventures.